Marina Services

All you need for your boat

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Extensive Services

ABC boatyards provide a comprehensive network of marinas and services across the canals and inland waterways of the UK.

The Right Tools

We make sure that we’ve got the correct tools for each job, whether it’s a full size crane, or Gas Safe equipment. 

Staff You Can Trust

All of our competent skilled staff members will make sure they do their best job for you. 

External Services
We offer a vast range of external services for your narrow boat such as welding, blacking, top-side painting, engine services & replacements, external valets, pump outs and much more.

Internal Services
As well as external works, we have the skilled staff to be able to offer full or partial refits, plumbing, electrical work, gas work and so on.

General Marina Services
As well as the more complex services, we also offer the basic marina services in all of our marinas, which includes water, gas, diesel and pump outs.

Fair Competitive Pricing
We offer our services at a fair competitive price ensuring you get top quality services at a fair and reasonable rate.

For a more comprehensive and precise list of services, please visit the specific marina website

FAME free fuel

Where possible, we endeavor to always stock FAME free fuel.

What is FAME free fuel? Click here.