The Narrowboat and canal boat building specialists

ABC Leisure Group have been building high quality narrowboats for over 30 years. These boats have been designed and refined to meet the demands and requirements of many different customers which, along with our experience of operating them in a hire fleet provides first hand information about durability, reliability and ease of maintenance. read on for more about ABC canal boat building.

Steel Work

We specify shells to the required design of your boat and manage the build process.

British Craftsmanship

We build all of our boats in England, right here in the Midlands by trained skilled craftsmen with decades of combined experience.

Fitting Out

All our boat fitting out is done by our own craftsmen using only the highest quality materials.

Home Completion

Sailaways – We can fit out to any stage or design and can offer a wide variety of options to our customers.

Here is a boat called Harmonia we built